Pater Bloembollen B.V. is an agricultural company specializing in the cultivation of lily and tulip bulbs. Millions of bulbs are produced annually, both in the Netherlands and New Zealand, and traded worldwide.


Our flower bulbs find their way to horticulturalists all over the world. We offer a broad assortment that meets the latest market demands. Pater flower bulbs keeps as much as possible in its own hands, from planting and harvesting to processing and even a part of the export. Attention to quality is central throughout the production process.

The cultivation plan includes about 85 hectares of tulips and about 85 hectares of lilies. The tulips are grown in the area of West-Friesland, Wieringerwaard, Flevopolder, Noord-Oost Polder and Zeeland. The lilies are grown in the Wieringermeer, Drenthe, Brabant, and France. In addition, Pater Bloembollen has a second establishment in New Zealand, Island Bulbs Ltd.

Each variety is grown on the most suitable land to provide the customer with an optimal flower bulb. The quality of the flower bulbs is central.

The marketing of the flower bulbs is largely done by the exporters. The flower bulbs are sold both at home and abroad. Major export countries are: China, Mexico, Poland and Brazil.

To grow and supply high quality tulip and lily bulbs. Bulbs of a consistent quality that time and again meet the high expectations of our customers. That is what Pater Bloembollen B.V. strives for.

Pater Bloembollen strives to produce sustainable flower bulb cultivation, where people, nature and the environment are central.