Cultivation Plan

Tulip cultivation in the Netherlands takes place on an average of 100 hectares per growing season. The growing areas where tulips are grown are: North Holland, Flevopolder, Northeast Polder, Zeeland and Drenthe.

The acreage of lilies in the Netherlands comprises about 125 hectares. Lily cultivation in the Netherlands takes place in Drenthe, Brabant and the Northeast Polder. The lily growing activities are outsourced to contract growers with full support with the knowledge from Pater Bloembollen. Besides lily growing in the Netherlands, Pater Bloembollen also grows lilies in France.


The origins of our family business were laid in 1921 by Piet Pater. Piet Pater started with potatoes, vegetables and some cows. From 1956 the company added gladioli and tulips, and from this time the company started growing flower bulbs. In the mid-1970s, the first lilies were grown. Over the years, the acreage was expanded and the company grew significantly. In 1993 Pater Bloembollen B.V. was founded by Perry and Martin Pater. This is the 2nd generation who developed the company into a specialized family business!


Our lily and tulip bulbs are marketed to customers around the world. Sales are largely made by exporters. Important export countries are China, Japan, Poland and Brazil. Besides these export countries, a large part is also sold to the Dutch forcing industry. Our company offers a wide assortment that meets the latest market demands.

High quality of flowerbulbs is at the heart of Pater Bloembollen. This requires a lot of specialist knowledge about the cultivation and trade of the flowerbulbs. Every variety in our assortment is grown on the most suitable growing soil in order to achieve the best quality. In addition, Pater Bloembollen carries out many activities in-house, from planting to harvesting to processing the bulbs. Attention to a good quality end product is central throughout the entire production process.

Since 2020, we have been MPS certified! With this certificate, the company meets requirements for traceability, environment and plant protection products.