Please see below the assortment of lilies. Under the category Pater Promising, you will find double lilies.

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OT. Albareto

LA. Arbatax

OR. Colet

OT. Conca D’or

OT. Exotic Sun

OR. Fenice

LO. Fredo

OR. Moscow

OR. Pathos

OT. Petacas

OR. Praiano

OR. Red Dawn

OR. Santander

OR. Scorpio

OR. Siberia

OR. Sorbonne

OR. Starfighter

OR. Stardancer

OR. Tarrango

OR. Tourega

OR. Willeke Alberti

OT. Yelloween

OT. Zambesi

LA. Asti

LA. Obvio

OT. Brusago

LA. Lentella

LA. Modena

OT. Galibier

OR. Ibiza

OT. Corvette